Dancing lessons and workshops

I try to follow: Enjoy! Be present! Share! Don’t be afraid to fail!

Contemporary Dance

We will start warming up our bodies part by part, focusing on breathing and gradually developing the potential of our bodies. We will use our imagination and explore an endless universe of different possibilities, qualities and musicality of movement. During movement sequences we will focus on the natural connections and spirals in the body, on initiation and graduality of movement. We’ll focus on efficiency, recycling the energy of one movement for the next, using gravity and the floor as a partner, looking for a balance between what you control and what you can let happen. We will play games that develop our sense of rhythm and stimulate brain activity. Our meeting will end with stretching and relaxation.

Class supports proper breathing, active body posture, flexibility of joints, elasticity of muscles, coordination, spatial orientation, awareness of one’s self and others, 3D conceptions of movement. Our class takes place in a friendly atmosphere with an individualized approach.

Contact Improvisation

Contact improvisation is for everyone, regardless of dance experience, who likes to move, play, and communicate with other people. It comes from of perception and tunes our senses. It wakes up our ability to listen, recognize, differentiate, and respond to subtle movement choices, both ours and those of our partner. It is a continuous process of seeking options for our body’s motion in an interaction with others. It leads us to a knowledge that others moving in space are not an obstacle, but rather a bottomless source of inspiration for us and our actions. It honors what is happening in every moment and teach us to be present and focused. It opens up new pathways in our body and sometimes it shows us our limits, whether emotional or physical.

We will explore different senses and qualities of touch, giving and accepting, leading and being led, perceiving the space around us, skills of sharing weight, falling, rolling and counterbalance. But in the main we’ll explore trust, taking care, taking risks, and being connected.